Dark Waters

A Note From The Owner
I always found myself floating across the spectrums of life. I wanted to create a space to reflect that. Dark Waters is a place where you can float on top of the water and bathe in the moonlight, or submerge yourself and explore its depths. It is neither and both places at once – liminal.
Welcome to Dark Waters:
Where Psychology and Occultism meet!
We are an inclusive 18+ community dedicated to the exploration of the cross over between Psychology and Occultism. This community is open to any and all interested in or already exploring paths that cross traditional boundaries or don’t fit in with traditional practices. This includes but is not limited to: the occult, paganism and paganism in its darker aspects, shadow work, dream work, working with dark or death deities, crossing the veil, the paranormal, self reflection and affecting inner change, psychology, and fringe topics. Here, we embrace Duality in practice. Delve into the waters, join us for a swim, and see what at else we have to offer…